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PC-XMFlashback by flag Malmen (Kristoffer Malmgren)
Requested By: djrandom

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flag Skills have a limit, creativity knows no bounds

Member Since: September 30, 2009
75 Uploads, 1041 Votes, Spoken 4 Times.
Last Login: August 2, 2019
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rockmonitor's Ultimate Song: SID (6581/8580)International Karate Have video by flag Rob Hubbard

Public information

The only member of the NEW WAVE OF BELGIAN HEAVY CHIPTUNE group ( N.W.O.B.H.C )

Favourite machines: Commodore 64, A500, A1200 / Trackers of choice: Protracker, OctaMED, OpenModPlug / Revered composer: Rob Hubbard / Musical genre: adventurous and old school / Project: have fun !

NO plugin / fx / mastering ===> just OLD FASHIONED TRACKING

Group formed to give a kick in the ass to the WWW ( the World Wide Wimp )
and fight the evil axis of musical dictatorship into the triple W ( also called 3W or W + 1 ) with chipmusic.

Join us and receive a musical survival kit which includes a brain extractor machine for top 50 drug's addicts, earplugs, the secret CIA manual for sabotaging iPod, the complete collection of rockmonitor's tunes.


Gonna change the world ? " Probably not ! "
We'll be famous ? " Your mom will love it anyway ! "
Fans will rush on us ? " Sauve qui peut ! "
We'll sell more cd's that MJ ? " Without medical prescriptions then ! "
We'll lose much sleep and become asocial ? " F*** off ! "
We must give people what they want ? " Mmwahahahaha ! ! ! "
We must give allegiance to the Rockmonitor Law ? " Till death do us appart ! "


Composer : rockmonitor
Art direction : rockmonitor
Rock monitoring : rockmonitor
Oldschool compliance : rockmonitor
Policy 8-bit : rockmonitor
Tracker technician : rockmonitor
Titles designer : rockmonitor
Patterns ornaments : rockmonitor
Sponsoring : YOU

We're looking for people to serving and make photocopies of course.



- How did your interest for chipmusic start ?

It started one night of 1988 when I was bored, I turned on my famous old C64 and suddenly I had an epiphany, my boy, multicolored light springing from the screen saying : "I ​​am the Loder and you'll become Mozart or nothing ! " Since that night I do my best but if it doesn't work, I will try Beethoven rather.

- What machines did you have at that time ? What did you do with them ?

Well, I had an Oric 48k and my famous old C64. Plus a kettle completely dilapidated but I've never managed to make it play more than one note, unfortunately.

- For what reason did you making music rather than going fishing or going dredging the girls ?

Ooh, this is a little embarrassing, my boy ! This question.... but honestly, don't tell anyone, I think it's because I've never had a key to a girl heart, maybe. Music on my beloved C64 it's just so..., all of these keys... uuh... hmm ! No comment, I prefer !

- Ok,... how do you feel when your tunes are on the air ?

It's just like a firework, my boy ! I'm going crazy, I get naked and I dance on my balcony. But obviously only in the summer, you can imagine.

- Yes I can, unfortunately. So, is there a tune you would like not to remember ?

You mean one of mine ? What ? You think I make the shit ? Bloody idiot ! I'm Mozart ! I mean, more or less... Bloody idiot !

- Stay calm, ok ? What do you think about Top 50 music ?

Bloody music ! Bloody question ! Bloody idiot !!!

- Anything left to say ?... Ok, thank you rockmonitor.