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AMIGA-MODNative Cry by flag d-Zire (David Johan Elfström)
Requested By: flagAccidental
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Time Left: 7:15

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Pending Queue List

Song Title Artist Song Length Req Time Play Time Requested By
PC-ITLotus Turbo Challenge 2K3 (Nectarine Mix) flag Cyborg Jeff (Pierre Martin) 5:35 15:48 16:06 flagVodkaBot 3.4
NESFor the Meek User SLiVeR (Mike O'Brien) 2:12 15:50 16:11 flagt3trinetet 3.8
Game Boy0x44414E434521 Have video flag Robot2037 2:26 15:55 16:13 flagarrakis 4.1
PC-XMNever Ending Story flag Lizardking (Gustaf Grefberg) 2:22 15:55 16:16 flagzoi 4.2
AMIGA-MODToo Bad to Be Good flag Syntex (Kjetil Treider) 1:58 16:01 16:18 flagAccidental 3.8

Request History

Song Artist Song Length Request Time Play Time Requested By
AMIGA-AHXBlondie flag Geir Tjelta 4:04 15:44 15:54 flagvikingr84
PC-BuzzOnce upon to Me flag Silok (Robert Katsenos) 2:53 15:41 15:51 flagserpent
PC-ITRendez-moi mes rêves (Groove Manège Mix) flag Cyborg Jeff (Pierre Martin) 3:45 15:39 15:48 flagVodkaBot
PC (Custom)Be Geezy Have video flag m0d (Red Tuby) 3:47 15:38 15:44 flagAccidental
PC-XMMy Spectrum's On Fire! flag FearofDark (Stephen Johnston) 3:52 15:36 15:40 flagt3trinetet
AMIGA-MODLullaby 1 flag Rhino (David Newman) 1:41 15:24 15:38 flagAccidental
PC-ITJe t'aime et les 4 a la fois flag Cyborg Jeff (Pierre Martin) 3:36 15:24 15:34 flagVodkaBot
La guerre des pâquerettes le chevalier noir flag Cyborg Jeff (Pierre Martin) 3:34 15:24 15:31 flagVodkaBot
PC-ITHit the Bricks flag Cyborg Jeff (Pierre Martin) 3:49 15:24 15:27 flagVodkaBot
PC-ITEyes Dream Original Adam flag Cyborg Jeff (Pierre Martin) 3:20 15:21 15:23 flagVodkaBot
Glassbil flag Mosaik (Jakob Svanholm) 0:31 15:19 15:23 flagAccidental
PC-ITExpression Sentimentale flag Cyborg Jeff (Pierre Martin) 2:52 15:15 15:20 flagVodkaBot
SID (6581/8580)Robot flag Castor (Roger Ojala) 1:41 15:11 15:18 flagAccidental
PC-ITEmbourbés flag Cyborg Jeff (Pierre Martin) 3:12 15:07 15:15 flagVodkaBot
Georges Bizet - Carmen Prelude (MusiQue ClassiQue avec SID) flag Kangaroo MusiQue (Thorsten Mitschele) 4:03 15:00 15:11 flagAccidental
PC-ITRobinson Crusoë flag Cyborg Jeff (Pierre Martin) 3:31 15:00 15:07 flagVodkaBot
AMIGA-MODGlobal Confusion flag Pink (Manfred Linzner) 4:35 14:56 15:03 flagyoruq
L'amour est un soleil (CJ's homing mix) User Astrid , flag Cyborg Jeff (Pierre Martin) 4:16 14:56 14:58 flagVodkaBot
PC (other)Super Medium (Loader) flag Gloom (Bent Stamnes) 0:22 14:48 14:58 flagAccidental
PC-ITFermer Les Yeux flag Athena (Jessica Thirion) , flag Cyborg Jeff (Pierre Martin) 4:32 14:42 14:53 flagVodkaBot

Recent Song Comments

Song Comment Posted By When
L'amour est un soleil (CJ's homing mix) The female vocals are actually pretty good I think. flagAccidental 59 minutes ago
PC (other)Snap a Beer I assume this song is meant to be relaxing but I find it incredibly agitating. Geddit? flagMagikGimp 1 hour, 35 minutes ago
PC (other)Snap a Beer I agree. The beer pouring sounds are pleasant to listen to. flagAccidental 1 hour, 35 minutes ago
Une autre galaxie (GDream UltraSpace Remix) Wow ! lol flagarrakis 3 hours, 17 minutes ago
Far From Home (Remix By Hazel) Too much sidechaining flagserpent 4 hours, 49 minutes ago
PC-XMBright Eyes Well actually "....written by Mike Batt and performed by Art Garfunkel" flagserpent 5 hours, 24 minutes ago
PC-XMBright Eyes Sure wally, original by Art Garfunkel flagserpent 5 hours, 42 minutes ago
PC-XMBright Eyes Isn't this a cover? flag_wally 5 hours, 54 minutes ago
AMIGA-MODTubular Vectors [vector preview] Have video Yea logo also by Jugi flagserpent 9 hours ago
SID (6581/8580)Megapetscii - Song 1 Have video Perfection! :) flagHappyDude 14 hours, 45 minutes ago
PC-ReasonTouch Those vocals are 100% from a piece of software called eJay Music Maker. I know this because I watched a streamer make a whole song with the pack-in samples and that "eeeyaaaaahooooo" was one of the samples they used. :B flagJosephineLithius 17 hours, 5 minutes ago
AMIGA-customFraxion Have video Someone has been listening to A LOT of Jochen Hippel :D flagzilog256 20 hours, 10 minutes ago
PC (Custom)See Through My Eyes Send link to MP3 flagarrakis 21 hours, 49 minutes ago
Property is Theft Serp depends on u go on a social contract (JJ Rousseau) or better go to nature laws ! flagarrakis 22 hours, 21 minutes ago
Lazy Jones :necta: flagfaraday 1 day, 8 hours ago
AMIGA-MODReciprocator Massive "The Prodigy" sample potpourri flagxtra 1 day, 16 hours ago
AMIGA-MODPigs in Space Creonics !!! The PARTY I !!!!! Glostrup ! flagarrakis 1 day, 22 hours ago
PC-XMOne Fine Day... Melody ! flagarrakis 1 day, 23 hours ago
PC-RenoiseOne Fine Day [Elwood's.Sunray.Remix] dl? flagarrakis 1 day, 23 hours ago
PC-RenoiseOne Fine Day [Elwood's.Sunray.Remix] Wonderful remix ! Gratis Spiralllllllllllllll ! flagarrakis 1 day, 23 hours ago