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PSG AY-3-891x/YM2149 (CPC, ST, ZX)Return of the fighters by flag Dma-Sc (Mathieu Stempell)
Requested By: djrandom

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Welcome to Nectarine Demoscene Radio!

Scene. The final frontier…
These are the voyages of the starship Nectarine. Its continuing mission:
To explore strange, new sounds; To seek out new synths and new arpeggios;
To boldly stream what no man has streamed before.

This site is a tribute to all the great computer & demoscene artists. We stream their music for you 24/7.

Find more about the demoscene at, Demozoo and Pouet.

To listen to the radio - check the streams page. Remember to connect to a stream close to your location.

Enjoy your stay, and consider registering to use advanced features like:
  • Song requesting

  • Song voting

  • the infamous oneliner

This is (IIRC) the 8th NINTH version of Nectarine Demoscene Radio. Nectarine and all previous versions have been created by Yes^BRS (aka. Yes^Ojuice) and a team of dedicated supporters. We salut you!

Previous incarnations of the site were hosted by arab and others. This version is managed by a group of co-admins and hosting graciously provided by flagcommunicator.

How To Report Broken Tunes 20 Oct. 2022 06:49

Hi everyone,

To report a broken tune, please use the forum. There is a permannent stickied forum thread called forum Report Broken Tunes Here for this purpose. Also, the staff get emails about new posts in this thread. Discord is also an option, if you prefer to report tunes that way.

Please do not report broken tunes using comments on song pages! We don't get notifications about those, and unless we happen to see your comment on the "Recent Comments" section before it's pushed off by other comments, it may be a very long time before we discover your report. Additionally, once we have fixed the issue, the comment becomes irrelevant and may make others think the tune is broken, when it fact it has been fixed.

We will be deleting comments like "this tune has a minute of silence at the end" or "this tune is the wrong version" etc once the issue has been fixed, so please don't be surprised if your comment has disappeared.

Discord update! 25 Oct. 2020 23:29

Hi everyone. We have reorganised the Nectarine Discord server to make it easier to use. Come join us for chat. Also, in the event of a site outage, this would be the place to go and see what is happening. You can also easily contact staff there if you need help with your account.

Here is the invite link:

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Guidelines for Oneliner Usage 29 July 2020 05:51

The guidelines for what is and is not acceptable on the "oneliner" have been updated and can be found in the FAQ: Is Oneliner a free speech zone? Is it censored?

Reporting and Replacing Broken/Missing Tunes 29 June 2019 11:00

Icon for Music Uploading

After a hiatus, it is once again possible to submit replacements for tunes. Only replacements for broken or missing tunes are being accepted at this time. By "broken", we mean existing streamrips that have obvious, major audio problems, such as erroneous silence at the beginning or end, bits of other tunes or jingles spliced in, completely incorrect content, and so on.

To report a tune as broken, click the "Edit Information" link under the "Song Corrections and Updates" header, on the song's info page, and indicate in the comment field what is wrong with the tune. A moderator can then change the song's status to "Reported" which means that it is eligible to be replaced. You can report a broken tune in forum Report Broken Tunes Here instead, if you prefer. Songs with the "Reported" status remain playable in the meantime.

Songs which are eligible for replacement appear with an asterisk by their status on song listings. By clicking the asterisk, you will be taken to an upload page, where you can submit a new file to replace the old one.

All uploads are verified by moderators to ensure that the new recording is an acceptable replacement for the previous one, so don't be alarmed if your changes are not live immediately... be patient :)

Technical details:

When uploading replacements, we prefer songs in their original format: that is, for modules, please upload the original MOD / XM / IT / etc. file. If the tune is from a modern demo, try to extract the file from the original production (check Pouet links for downloads).

If no original file is available, a high-quality recording is also accepted: you may upload FLAC (preferred), 320kbps CBR MP3, a VBR MP3 using lame --preset extreme, or an AAC encoding at suitably high bitrate. Remember that the streamer broadcasts 192kbps, and all files are re-encoded to that rate before playback, so the input bitrate should be at 192 or higher.

Please do not re-encode originals to a higher bitrate, and do not volume-correct originals either: the streamer automatically scans for ReplayGain info and will correct low or high volume to a standard value.

We're back! 30 June 2018 04:56

Pixel art phoenix

Once again, Nectarine has arisen from the dead. We've successfully rescued much of the data from previous site scrapes and user backups, ripped 22k+ 35k+ songs from the old stream, and hopefully staged everything where it needs to go.

Thank you all for your patience while we rebuild the site. Some things are still not working and will be brought online as soon as we can.

While we were able to rescue usernames and profiles, account passwords and emails are lost. Before you register a replacement account, please contact an admin (via Discord or email to Let us know your old account name and email address, and we will set you up with a temporary password and reactivate your account!

Right now, we are in search of new relays for the stream. If you have some bandwidth to spare and can run an icecast2 relay, please get in contact with us.

Some users have asked about contributing large numbers of missing tunes. You can download a CSV of all missing and streamripped tunes here: (~1.5mb, updated nightly). If you happen to have 500+ of these or so, get in contact with an admin to do a bulk upload and replace. (There is no need to rip from the "old" necta streams, we have that covered already)

Eventually there will be an ongoing project to replace streamrips with "original" modules and high-quality tracks, but that will need to wait until we have set up a process to make replacement easy.

Also, just by using the site and making requests, you're helping us to stress-test the server and tune our system requirements. Keep it up!

If you find any bugs, please report them in the Bug Reporting thread from the sidebar --->