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Compilation Compilation: Bitjam Podcast #20

Compilation Summary:
Name: Bitjam Podcast #20
Label: BitFellas: Bitjam Podcast
Running Time: 87:58
Media Type: MP3 / CUE
Additional Info: Details Page
Download Link: Download Info

Added On: 29 June 2010
By: flagLittleWhite

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Compilation Details For Bitjam Podcast #20:

01. Sleepwalk by Karsten Obarski (1987)
02. Metalsynth by Walkman (1988)
03. Ba1 by Bit Arts (1989)
04. Cream of the Earth by Romeo Knight (1990)
05. Robocop 3 by Jeroen Tel (1991)
06. Stardust memories by Jester (1992)
07. Elekfunk! by Moby (1993)
08. Physical presence by Jogeir (1994)
09. Onward by Jugi (1995)
10. Dive soundtrack by S. Roger (1996)
11. Koffie shop by Azazel (1997)
12. Sphinx by Virgill (1998)
13. Virtual escape (end) by Mad Max (1999)
14. Stompin' little scouts by Elwood (2000)
15. Picknick in the meadow by KB (2001)
16. Demotune nr2. by Vic (2002)
17. I am you by aMUSIC and Leviathan (2003)
18. Jazzberry juice by Reed (2004)
19. Ocean machine by Crankshaft (2005)
20. Choose zero polys and shaders by Little Bitchard (2006)
21. Function 2007 invitation by Xenophobe (2007)
Total playtime: 1:27:58min.

Compilation Artists: flag aMUSIC (Sotiris Varotsis) flag Azazel (Markus Alakangas) flag Bit Arts (Norbert Röcher) flag Crankshaft (Mikko Karvonen) flag Elwood (Jussi-Matti Salmela) flag Jester (Volker Tripp) flag Jogeir (Jogeir Liljedahl) flag Jugi (Jukka Kaartinen) flag Karsten Obarski flag kb (Tammo Hinrichs) flag Leviathan [GR] (Fotis Panetsos) flag Little Bitchard (Arto Koivisto) flag Mad Max (Jochen Hippel) flag Moby (Frédéric Motte) flag Reed (Jaakko Kaitaniemi) flag Romeo Knight (Eike Steffen) flag S. Roger (Paul Wegschaider) flag Vic (Victor van Vlaardingen) flag Virgill (Jochen Feldkötter) flag Walkman (Tor Bernhard Gausen) flag WAVE (Jeroen Tel) flag Xenophobe (Kornél Felföldi)

Songs In This Production (21 Total) :

PC (other)Choose Zero Polys & Shaders (Demo Version) Have video by flag 1in10 (Jari Pitkänen) , flag Little Bitchard (Arto Koivisto) l Locked
PC-XMOnward Ride (Original) Have video by flag Jugi (Jukka Kaartinen) l Locked
AMIGA-MODPhysical Presence Have video by flag Jogeir (Jogeir Liljedahl) l Locked
PC (other)fr-011 (Picknick in the Meadows) Have video by flag kb (Tammo Hinrichs) l Locked
SID (6581/8580)Robocop 3 Have video by flag WAVE (Jeroen Tel) l Locked
AMIGA-MODSleepwalk Have video by flag Karsten Obarski Log in to queue
PC-XMSphinx by flag Virgill (Jochen Feldkötter) Log in to queue
AMIGA-MODStardust Memories Have video by flag Jester (Volker Tripp) l Locked
PC (other)Stompin' Little Scouts by flag Elwood (Jussi-Matti Salmela) l Locked
PC (other)Ocean Machine Have video by flag Yolk (Mikko Karvonen) Log in to queue
AMIGA-MODMetalsynth Have video by flag Walkman (Tor Bernhard Gausen) Log in to queue
AMIGA-MODMd ba 1 Have video by flag Bit Arts (Norbert Röcher) l Locked
AMIGA-MODCream of the Earth Have video by flag Romeo Knight (Eike Steffen) l Locked
PC-XMDive Soundtrack by flag S. Roger (Paul Wegschaider) Log in to queue
AMIGA-MODElekfunk! Have video by flag Moby (Frédéric Motte) l Locked
PC (other)Function Invitation Soundtrack Have video by flag Xenophobe (Kornél Felföldi) l Locked
PC (other)I Am You Have video by flag aMUSIC (Sotiris Varotsis) , flag Leviathan [GR] (Fotis Panetsos) l Locked
AMIGA-MODJazzberry Juice Have video by flag Reed (Jaakko Kaitaniemi) Log in to queue
PC (other)Keep on Going Have video by flag Vic (Victor van Vlaardingen) l Locked
PC-XMKoffie Shop Have video by flag Azazel (Markus Alakangas) Log in to queue
PSG AY-3-891x/YM2149 (CPC, ST, ZX)Virtual Escape - End Have video by flag Mad Max (Jochen Hippel) l Locked

Production Notes:

Mixed by Vincenzo, jingle by Virgill, compiled by Serpent, logo #20 by H2O

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