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PC-S3MMidnight by flag Necros (Andrew Sega)
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Artist Info

Aliases : flag F7sus4 (Filip Skutela) , User Skuter

Name : Filip Skutela
Location: flag Poznań

Additional Information:

Filip Skutela (born 1984 in Poznań, Poland) is a contemporary classical music composer, producer and a pianist. Although he had never attended any music classes or formal music education, he realized his passion for music in early childhood. Having absolute pitch, he taught himself about music theory and harmony, and composed his first music piece at the age of nine. He is self-trained pianist as well.

Being focused mainly on orchestral forms of music, he has created pieces in wide variety of classical genres; however, his compositional style represents mostly a form of neo-romanticism. During the years, Skutela evolved his own individual aesthetics and stylistics, which were being mostly described as "longingly passionate".

Until this time Skutela has composed three full-time symphonies (No.1 in A major - "Spring Fireblossom"; No.2 in C# minor - "Moonfae"; No.3 in Eb minor - "The Black Key"), two piano concertos (No.1 in E major; No.2 in B minor), two cello concertos (No.1 in E minor; No. 2 in D minor), several string quintets and quartets, of which the most notable is "Five Elements", as well as about 200 pieces for solo instruments, mostly piano and cello.

For many years Skutela was connected with Academy of Music in Poznań as an independent artist and performer; also collaborating with Students' Interfacultative Symphony Orchestra. He is also co-founder and conductor of Aave Chamber Orchestra as well as co-founder and musical director of Academic Choir at University of Economics and Computer Science in Warsaw.

After winning several composition contests in 2004-2007, he became more recognized among music community and branched out into composing soundtrack scores for short-subject movies (e.g. "Synninpäästö", "Menneisyys" directed by Vuokko Salminen), theatre musical settings and other forms of art.

At the moment, he lives in Poznań and works as music composer and psychologist-therapist (having MA degree in Psychology).

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Songs Connected To This Artist

Song Title Artist Song Length Status Vote Queue Last Request
PC-XM. commando flag Lamb (Filip Skutela) 1:49 Rejected 5.0 l Locked
PC-XMAmong the Stars flag Lamb (Filip Skutela) GroupMarsmellow 2:13 Active 4.4 Log in to queue 2024-03-30
PC-XMAutumn Rain flag Lamb (Filip Skutela) GroupMarsmellow 0:51 Active * 3.8 Log in to queue 2023-11-10
PC-XMDay and Night flag Lamb (Filip Skutela) GroupMarsmellow 2:47 Active 3.9 Log in to queue 2024-03-21
PC-XMDom flag Lamb (Filip Skutela) GroupMarsmellow 2:00 Active 3.9 Log in to queue 2023-12-19
PC-XMEbony Owl Netsuke flag A-Move (Hendrik Stöteler) , flag Lamb (Filip Skutela) 2:36 Active 4.1 Log in to queue 2024-02-05
PC-XMElfia Piesn flag Lamb (Filip Skutela) 1:23 Active 3.6 Log in to queue 2024-01-19
PC-XMFaerie Realm flag Lamb (Filip Skutela) 0:48 Active * 3.8 Log in to queue 2024-01-04
PC-XMFarewell Tears flag Lamb (Filip Skutela) 1:42 Active 3.6 Log in to queue 2024-01-31
PC-XMHappiness flag Lamb (Filip Skutela) 2:00 Active 3.7 Log in to queue 2023-11-27
PC-XMIn Your Arms flag Lamb (Filip Skutela) 1:00 Active * 4.5 l Locked 2024-04-16
PC-XMJanosik flag Lamb (Filip Skutela) GroupMarsmellow 1:03 Active 4.1 Log in to queue 2024-03-26
PC-XMLightbeam (remix) flag Lamb (Filip Skutela) 1:50 Active 4.1 Log in to queue 2024-03-14
PC-XMLoneliness flag Lamb (Filip Skutela) 2:16 Active 4.3 Log in to queue 2024-02-22
PC-XMMemoirs (vinyl mix) flag Lamb (Filip Skutela) GroupMarsmellow 1:14 Active 4.1 l Locked 2024-04-17
PC-XMMidnight flag Lamb (Filip Skutela) GroupMarsmellow 2:20 Active 3.6 Log in to queue 2024-01-19
PC-XMMind Validator flag Lamb (Filip Skutela) 2:41 Active 3.8 Log in to queue 2024-03-13
PC-XMMus Hinther Oom flag Lamb (Filip Skutela) 2:40 Active 3.6 l Locked 2024-04-16
PC-XMPlatki Sniegu flag Lamb (Filip Skutela) GroupMarsmellow 0:59 Active * 4.0 l Locked 2024-04-04
PC-XMSetting Sun flag Lamb (Filip Skutela) GroupMarsmellow 1:44 Active * 4.5 Log in to queue 2024-04-03
PC-XMSyksyinen Lehti flag Lamb (Filip Skutela) GroupMarsmellow 0:56 Active 3.8 Log in to queue 2024-02-10
PC-XMThe Notebook flag Lamb (Filip Skutela) GroupMarsmellow 2:25 Active 4.0 Log in to queue 2024-02-19