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SID (6581/8580)Myth - Title Have video by flag WAVE (Jeroen Tel)
Requested By: flagfaraday
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Song Information

Bittner Rap

Author: flag Mad Max (Jochen Hippel)

Uploaded By: flagRudee

Song Length: 5:05
Release Year: 1990
Song Status: Active *
Song Bitrate: 320 kbps
Song Legacy Flag: R
Song Source: Commercial CD

Additional Information:

From his CD "Give it a Try".

At ten or eleven, he walks in
His name is Bittner, his face is a grin
Ready to code and ready to freak
Apart from curses he doesn't speak
Assembly here, assembly there
He can do it anywhere
Games and tools, more to do
He's the one to see it through

Coding and coding, for the ultimate clash
Coding and coding, but the programs crash

My name is Bittner -- Bittner!
My name is Bittner -- Bittner!
My name is Bittner -- Bittner!
My name is Bittner

Eric's the name and he ain't small
Two metres tall with beard and all
The man with graphics that we all love
That fit to each other just like a glove
NeoChrome here, NeoChrome there
He can draw things anywhere
Sprites and screens, more to make
But he can do it, no mistake

Drawing and drawing, art is his thing
Drawing and drawing, joy he will bring

My name is Bittner...

Coding and coding, for the ultimate clash
(...??? Germanspeak)

Chris is Swiss, just having fun
An equal to him there will always be none
His vector graphics are as fast can be
The fastest graphics for all to see
Vectors here, vectors there
He can code them everywhere
Lines and objects, more to write
Makes them move at speed of light

Vectors and vectors, he makes them be
Vectors and vectors, with speed guarantee

My name is Bittner...

??? to slay and dragons to save
That's more work for ???
??? really in his dreams he'd like to be
He would never from any monster flee
Playing here, playing there
He can play games everywhere
Games and games, more to complete
He can do without a cheat

Playing and playing, there is no end
Playing and playing, hours to spend

My name is Bittner...

She's the heart of Thalion, she's the heart of all
That sweet Manu, just cute and small
Always there for everyone who is in need
A lovely piece of honey, that she is indeed
Typing here, typing there
She writes letters everywhere
Call after call, another reply
She does it nicely without no sigh
She does it really nicely -- our lovely sweet Manu!

Phoning and phoning, all of the day
Phoning and phoning, with no delay

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It was added 13 years, 3 months ago.

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User Comments

User Song Comment
dc.w $ffff,$fffe

listening to necta

Ich glaub ich muss Kotzen

double u[t][f];

ich möchte ein fruscht sallat.


The first song of Mad Max I rate 1*


I guess it's dedicated to Michael Bittner, a coder in Thalion. And yes, it's quite horrible

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