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PC (other)International Karate (chillout remix) by User Luther
Requested By: djrandom

Time Left: 6:14

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Rapture's Favourite Songs

flagRapture Has The Following Favourite Songs:
Song Title Artist Song Length Status Vote Queue Last Request
PC-Renoise005 Spiral Hands On II Cirdan - Starscreamer flag Spiral (Mats Antonsson) 6:39 Active 4.5 l Locked 2019-08-15
AMIGA-MOD00noname flag Jogeir (Jogeir Liljedahl) 1:47 Active 3.9 l Locked 2019-08-15
PC-XM1st Rythmsexion flag Slowhand (Aradi Janos) 2:49 Active 3.4 l Locked 2019-08-01
MPTM2000 flag Saga Musix (Johannes Schultz) GroupNuance [NCE] , GroupSt. Vincent and the Grenadines [SVatG] 3:41 Active 3.9 l Locked 2019-08-12
PC-XM303 years ahead flag Slice (Ola Lindfeldt) 4:24 Active 3.1 l Locked 2019-08-09
PC (other)604 Have video flag SynSUN (Andrey Vakhnenko, Evgeniy Ryabinin) 5:04 Active 3.8 l Locked 2019-08-12
PC (other):troll: flag Elrinth (Nicklas Holmgren) 4:54 Active 4.3 l Locked 2019-08-09
PC-BuzzA Far Horizon flag Silok (Robert Katsenos) 3:05 Active 4.4 l Locked 2019-08-13
PC (other)A Jump Forward flag C-jeff (Dmitry Zhemkov) 3:38 Active 4.3 l Locked 2019-08-21
PC-XMA Kind of Beauty (Live Evil) Have video flag Carlos (Gábor Csordás) , flag Norfair (Carl Åborg) GroupMandula 4:17 Active 3.7 l Locked 2019-08-09
PC-XMA Night at Stan's flag Nighthawk (Martin Freij) 4:55 Active 3.8 l Locked 2019-08-09
PC-ITA Walk in the Woods flag Xentar (Joost Boonekamp) 5:41 Active 3.8 l Locked 2019-08-09
PC-XMA World of 256 Possibilities flag Xerion (Jonathan Dukes) 2:23 Active 2.9 l Locked 2019-08-22
PC-XMAbbey Road flag Radix (Jakob Svanholm) 2:24 Active 4.3 l Locked 2019-08-09
PC-XMAbove flag Lluvia (Anne Haessig) 5:32 Active 3.9 l Locked 2019-08-09
AMIGA-MODAbra 1 flag Jogeir (Jogeir Liljedahl) 1:40 Active 3.6 l Locked 2019-08-09
PC-RenoiseAbsolutely Interstellar (Evoke Cut) flag Keith303 (Klaus Spang) 3:39 Active 4.0 l Locked 2019-08-09
AMIGA-MODAcid Jazz (Part 1) flag Nuke (Martin Iveson) 3:32 Active 3.5 l Locked 2019-08-09
AMIGA-MODAddiction flag Bug (Stein Erik Giske)Deceased , flag Jogeir (Jogeir Liljedahl) GroupNoiseless 4:48 Active 4.1 l Locked 2019-08-05
PC (other)Aerial flag Mosaik (Jakob Svanholm) 2:06 Active 4.3 l Locked 2019-08-09
PC-XMAerodynamics flag Drax (Thomas Mogensen) 4:39 Active 3.6 l Locked 2019-08-09
PC-XMAerosol ('97 houz mix) flag Oona (Matti Frondelius) GroupKosmic Free Music Foundation [KFMF] 4:38 Active 2.8 l Locked 2019-08-09
Alpha Centauri flag Skymarshall Arts (Blodøks Hafskjold) 3:21 Active 3.6 l Locked 2019-08-09
PC-S3MAmazonas flag Skaven (Peter Hajba) GroupFuture Crew 2:43 Active 3.7 l Locked 2019-08-20
PC-XMAmbient Ride flag Xerion (Jonathan Dukes) 1:25 Active 2.6 l Locked 2019-08-22
PC-XMAmbrozia flag Jogeir (Jogeir Liljedahl) , flag Scorpik (Adam Skorupa) GroupPulse [PLS] 12:08 Active 4.6 l Locked 2019-08-10
Among Plants flag Mosaik (Jakob Svanholm) 5:39 Active 3.9 l Locked 2019-08-09
AMIGA-MODAmore flag Jogeir (Jogeir Liljedahl) 2:11 Active 4.1 l Locked 2019-08-09
PC-XMAmphetamine Have video flag Keith303 (Klaus Spang) 7:26 Active 3.3 l Locked 2019-08-15
AMIGA-MODAnnika flag Heatbeat (Aleksi Eeben) 4:09 Active 4.0 l Locked 2019-08-05
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