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PC (other)Rupert & The Toymaker's Party by User Richard Westall
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User Profile For mirrorbird

flag south east
symptomless coma

Member Since: November 18, 2016
33 Uploads, 6047 Votes, Spoken 36999 Times.
Last Login: February 19, 2019
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mirrorbird's Ultimate Song: PC-RenoiseGlitterchip Have video by flag Parsec (Federico Cito) l Locked

Public information

Hello, I am mirrorbird and I talk too much because I am lonely inside.

I LOVE: Italo disco, spacesynth, 8-bit Speccy and Atari tunas, and the mighty flag CYBORG JEFF.
I LIKE: a lot of modules and SIDs, and bad novelty songs with funny lyrics.
I DISLIKE: weepy emo guitar shit, and 20-minute epics like Knucklebusters, and songs that are out of tune by a whole semitone (who makes these and why?).

I am the same age as Pac-Man. The first scene demo I ever saw was probably "The Lyra II" by ESI (1991). I have done 8-bit pixel art in a handful of demos.

I made the smileys , , , and (based on ) and improved

Nectas I have swapped stuff with, in the "snail mail":
* flag cosmopolite nyingen
* flag dependable Starchaser
* and MAYBE MORE TO COME in the Christmas 2018 swapathon

Nectas I have met in real life:
* flag Malmen, JUST KIDDING! bastard didn't show up. I'll get him.


Mon matin de CJ:

veall wants to say hi, in the night (Italo style):

nyingen is pleased to have the honour:

CJ tracks ARE BACK:

Do you want your transmissions I-sent-ified:

Long titles queue:

Mystery of the angry mirrorbird is solved:

The REAL beer explanation chart, for when people are being insufferable beer snobs on the oneliner: