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PC-RenoiseLoell by flag Mosaik (Jakob Svanholm)
Requested By: flagMMX
Production Labels: LabelKahvi Collective

Time Left: 3:32

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flag relayinator

Member Since: February 25, 2009
8 Uploads, 652 Votes, Spoken 0 Times.
Last Login: September 15, 2014
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unfy's Ultimate Song: AMIGA-MODSpace Debris by flag Captain (Markus Kaarlonen) l Locked

Public information

i relay stream to you

oh, and if you're wandering if i host doom servers too, yes i do

Relay statistics:



flagvom was kind enough to let me know there were problems. should be fixed now.



Relay box locked up, had to restart. on!



Yeah, relay is having some network trouble. Looks to be upstream from the box... can't really do much of it (40% packet loss to the Nectarine master backend).

Whoever is at - you need a more polite client or to stop trying to DoS the relay.



How many years have I been relaying ? LOL!

Anyhoo, nectarine recently juggled it's backend, and configuration changes caused a few more breaking points. Got those resolved on the relay's end and it appears to be back up and running.




Some DNS issues with USA relay, oops. fixed. If DNS breaks, it's IP is:


More relays added, this time from a dedicated box in Vancouver with a 100mbit unmetered connection.
- 192kbps mp3 relay straight from the sauce
- stream transcoded to 64kbps mp3
- stream transcoded to 128kbps ogg
- stream transcoded to 64kbps ogg


Relays were down for a bit, hosting provider had upstream problems. Fixed.



Relay paid for another year \o/

Also fixed DNS issues relating to the relay, my bad.



Added a stream transcoder setup to match the 64kbit mp3 that the master used to spit out for relays and to fit in with the 'streams' page and mini player on site.



Restored queue size and burst sizes to 64k to stop the connect problems. gay.

Lemme know if my relay gets 20 secs behind the master again



fags, next time the relay goes down, send me a message! i was out of town but still could have possibly fixed it.


relay is in san jose, cali, usa btw



192kbps mp3:

128kbps ogg:

64kbps ogg:

64kbps mp3: