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Off-topic » Your favorite puzzle game?

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Steadily at the low level

60 Posts
#1860 (1 week, 3 days ago)
What's your favorite puzzle game?
symptomless coma

307 Posts
#1861 (1 week, 1 day ago)
There's a difference between the games I want to play (or re-play -- because some of them are kind of "done" once you've solved them), and the ones I think are the technically best or most interesting. So I'll just list a few, in random order:

* Tetris (classic, timeless, much more interesting than non-shape drop games like Columns)
* Tetris II (by Fuxoft, on the Speccy): it's Tetris with special rules (like "destroy all the bricks") and you can play with two players at the same time, which is pretty cool for a Speccy.
* Lemmings (probably the coolest, cleverest game design I've seen in my life, although I admit I haven't gone back to it very often; and the two-player mode on the Sega Megadrive is just dire)
* Scribblenauts Unlimited (the original is good too, but the controls are flaky): very FUNNY and interesting game. A lot of the puzzles are easy, but again it was a totally original idea, and is very enjoyable, and has a sense of humour.
* Pipe Mania.
* Chip's Challenge.
* On the Ball (SNES): barely a puzzle game, and more of an action game, because it's mostly about rotating the screen so that the ball falls in the correct direction, but it feels a bit puzzley.

What are your favourites, franz?
symptomless coma

307 Posts
#1862 (1 week, 1 day ago)
I'm also a sucker for the "Professor Layton" series, although seriously you end up doing somebody's maths homework with simultaneous equations. It doesn't use the interactive computer format very well. Most of the puzzles could work equally well on paper. But I do like the idea of little puzzles tied together by a mystery story.
symptomless coma

307 Posts
#1863 (1 week, 1 day ago)
Oh, also the Flash game "Continuity", where you simply have to lead the man from the start to the exit, but you can zoom out, and shift the rooms around, within the map, like building a jigsaw. Very clever design, and cool music too.

Puzzle games I don't like much:

* Lost Vikings: fine, good idea, but I just didn't get into it.
* Any arena-drop game without proper shapes like Tetris: i.e. Columns, Dr Mario, etc.
* Mr Driller: I tried to enjoy this, but it's just painful, the main enemy is the time limit, not a good puzzle.
* Most games that just translate a paper puzzle onto a screen... shit like sudoku.
symptomless coma

307 Posts
#1864 (1 week, 1 day ago)
Yes I've got more. I won't fucking stop until they ban me from the forum.

* Flash game I can't remember the name of: it was sort of Goth, Addams Family, ghost spooky vibe, and you had a lot of different characters, including a dog. Each character had a different skill. This game really RULED and it was Flash, and I'm sure it's gone forever, and I can't even remember the name.
* Kye.
* Ballance (pretty 3D game, moving a ball over rails high up in the sky, lots of puzzles).
* Mushroom Man (cough)... nice game I made in school days, with 100+ levels. Now It's old enough that the Windows version doesn't work and the Flash version also doesn't work. But it's good.
* My ex-wife really liked "Deadly Rooms of Death" so check that out too.

5 Posts
#1865 (1 week, 1 day ago)
Kurushi for Playstation 1. Fun memories from the multiplayer with my drunken friend.
Steadily at the low level

60 Posts
#1866 (5 days, 18 hours ago)
Lemmings, Super Twintris, Bombuzal, Klax, Brain stage from Purple Saturn Day


258 Posts
#1867 (5 days, 17 hours ago)
Klax is a great game! Very fast paced, interesting design, and a good sense of humour including the silly music. I played the NES version a ton.
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