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Site Development » songinfo refresh problem

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Pazur Colidace

2 Posts
#2181 (8 months, 2 weeks ago)
Why does information about the currently playing music not always refresh after the end of the previous song?
I've tried different browsers and it doesn't always work. You need to refresh it manually after each song ends or use plugins that auto-refresh the page, e.g. every 60 seconds.
This only applies to information about the currently playing track. The rest works fine.

330 Posts
#2184 (8 months, 2 weeks ago)
Hi, this is a long-standing bug due to something that is a broken in a library somewhere. Unfortunately, the current version of Necta runs on very old versions of Django and other software. Some work is in progress to remedy the general situation, but until then, this is in the 'WONTFIX' category, sorry. I believe some people use a GreaseMonkey script to automatically refresh it properly.

46 Posts
#2453 (3 weeks ago)
Sorry, I did not see this earlier. See (scroll down)
Time ago I added a link in own Profile page flagAtomicReindeer, so I can remember where the latest version is.
Maybe it could be "fixed for now" in the server by including the JS? IE, send the workaround to everyone, only (to not overload the server if you have other pages opened too)/at least in the queue page.
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