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AMIGA-MODWild-eyed by flag Codex (Jo Gunnarshaug)
Requested By: djrandom
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The Masters of Pixel Art - volume 3

This book features pictures from the next generation of artists, working and developing the concept of pixel arts. With this book we explore and present the best of the best pixel art today.

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Hey everyone, I think it's about time we had some stuff to rep Nectarine.


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Artist Info

Gazus Snake

Location: flag

Additional Information:

"I started tracking in 2002 with Modplug Tracker. Today, I use OpenMPT. As you can see, there's a great changing in my way of making music. My relation with music began when I was about 4 or 5, when my mother put a vinyle of Vivaldi on the turntable. After this moment, I wanted to learn to play the violin. That's what I did. I started this instrument at the age of 6. At 15, I took a old guitar which was around there and tried to get something from it. Two years later, I had my first electric guitar. Today I can say that I play the violin, the guitar, the bass, the chick, whatever with strings which needs to be played with fingers. I listen to various genres of music, from classical to electronica, from metal to experimental, from ambient to grindcore... I won't flood this page with a list of bands, including bands from which I only know one or two tracks or only the name. I like to compose whatever comes to my mind, including tracne, dnb, rock, classical, reggae, dub... I especially love to make chiptune, (kind of) breakcore and metal tracks. I also like to experimentalize with such methods to make music (use of crushed or randomly degraded samples, turned off speakers while writting the notes). It results with pieces that I could personnaly call "Music", even if it's sometimes hard to say. Experimentations kickxxx0r teh a5550R of teh Roxxx0r. " - source

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Songs Connected To This Artist

Song Title Artist Song Length Status Vote Queue Last Request
Chninpe flag Gazus Snake , flag LLB (Laurent Le Brun) 4:08 Active 3.1 l Locked 2019-05-22
PC-ITGay Zeus is Sick: AIDS flag Ceekayed (Sampo Närhi) , flag Gazus Snake 9:59 Active 3.6 Log in to queue 2019-04-02
Hidden White Room flag Cyborg Jeff (Pierre Martin) , flag Gazus Snake 3:27 Active 3.1 Log in to queue 2019-04-19
Hobbit Betterave Party flag Gazus Snake 0:38 Active 2.6 Log in to queue 2019-03-29
Joe Cooley's Reel [Real Instruments Edit] flag Gazus Snake 2:27 Missing 3.8 l Locked 2018-05-01
PC (other)New Era of Life [Sad Trance Mix] flag Gazus Snake 5:47 Missing 3.0 l Locked 2017-02-04
PC (other)On the road [crazy man's arranged version] flag Crazy Man (Olmo Jonathan Stefano Jr. Lipani) , flag Gazus Snake 2:56 Active 3.7 Log in to queue 2018-10-08
Sacrament of Duality flag Gazus Snake 3:15 Active 2.2 Log in to queue 2018-04-02
Speed Phase [Daddy O Gdream Remix] flag Gazus Snake 7:17 Active 3.3 Log in to queue 2019-03-10
PC (other)That's Why She Dances flag Gazus Snake 5:21 Active 3.5 Log in to queue 2017-03-05