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PC-XMShadow Angel by flag Madminder (Stanislav Kuzin)
Requested By: djrandom

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Artist Info

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Doctor QE

Name : James Potter
Location: flag

Additional Information:

A relatively unknown scener from the United Kingdom.

Best known for his covers of various 1950s to 1960s television show themes such as U.F.O. and The Man From U.N.C.L.E, and little Amiga music disks from 1992 to 1994.

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Last Updated: 17 Jan. 2024
Added By: flagJosephineLithius

Songs Connected To This Artist

Song Title Artist Song Length Status Vote Queue Last Request
AMIGA-MODDanger Man flag Doctor QE (James Potter) 5:13 Active 2.4 l Locked 2024-05-30
AMIGA-MODDoctor Who (1980) flag Doctor QE (James Potter) 2:34 Active 2.5 Log in to queue 2024-03-16
AMIGA-MODIn Yer Face flag Doctor QE (James Potter) 6:25 Rejected l Locked
AMIGA-MODQuantum Leap flag Doctor QE (James Potter) 2:29 Active 1.8 Log in to queue 2024-03-16
AMIGA-MODQuatermass flag Doctor QE (James Potter) 2:15 Active 1.7 Log in to queue 2024-04-07
AMIGA-MODScarlet Fever (Theme from Captain Scarlet) flag Doctor QE (James Potter) 5:44 Active 1.9 Log in to queue 2024-04-07
AMIGA-MODSpace: 1999 flag Doctor QE (James Potter) 3:35 Active 2.7 Log in to queue 2024-04-07
AMIGA-MODThe Persuaders flag Doctor QE (James Potter) 3:47 Active 1.8 l Locked 2024-06-13
AMIGA-MODThe Prisoner flag Doctor QE (James Potter) 3:30 Active 2.3 Log in to queue 2024-04-07
AMIGA-MODThe Protectors flag Doctor QE (James Potter) 2:22 Active 2.4 l Locked 2024-06-18
AMIGA-MODThe Rock From U.N.C.L.E. flag Doctor QE (James Potter) 2:49 Active 2.4 Log in to queue 2024-04-07
AMIGA-MODThe Tripods flag Doctor QE (James Potter) 2:32 Active 3.2 Log in to queue 2024-04-07
AMIGA-MODUFO flag Doctor QE (James Potter) 3:55 Active 2.3 Log in to queue 2024-04-06