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Compilation Compilation: Bitjam Podcast #34

Compilation Summary:
Name: Bitjam Podcast #34
Label: Bitfellas: Bitjam Podcast
Running Time: 47:03
Media Type: MP3 / CUE
Additional Info: Details Page
Download Link: Download Info

Added On: 3 Oct. 2010
By: flagLittleWhite

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Compilation Details For Bitjam Podcast #34:

01. Sunstone by Buzzer (Assembly 1995)
02. Smile by Mr. Suxx (Contest 1999)
03. We love old samples by Axel and MCA (Buenzli 15)
04. Hiding in the rainforest by Magnetic (Conference 3000)
05. Inner mind by NDi (Assembly 2005)
06. Spacewurst by Serpent (???)
07. Stream overflow by Buzzer and Mice (Assembly 2006)
08. Kota kakumi by Little Bitchard (Assembly 2005)
09. Yesterday's journey by Signal (Assembly 2006)
10. Retrohammer by Vincenzo (Breakpoint 2007)
11. Farting synths by Aikapallo (Assembly 2005)
12. Export by KSCO (Assembly 2005)
13. In the 4th dimension by Kim Valori (Assembly 2006)
14. Overload by Byproduct (Assembly 2007)

Compilation Artists: flag Aikapallo (Tuomas Virtanen) flag Axel (Alexander Strohm) flag Buzzer (Mikko Hyyti) flag Byproduct (Juhana Honkanen) User Kim Valori flag KSCO flag Little Bitchard (Arto Koivisto) flag Magnetic (Zsolt Bende) flag MCA (Michiel Van Den Bos) flag Mice (Mikko Ahola) flag Mr. Suxx (Gyula Csordás) User NDi flag serpent (Touko Väre) flag Signal (Juho Korhonen) flag Vincenzo (László Gyula Vincze)

Songs In This Production (14 Total) :

Export by flag KSCO l Locked
PC-XMWe Love Old Samples by flag Axel (Alexander Strohm) , flag MCA (Michiel Van Den Bos) Log in to queue
AMIGA-MODSunstone by flag Buzzer (Mikko Hyyti) Log in to queue
PC (other)Stream Overflow by flag Buzzer (Mikko Hyyti) , flag Mice (Mikko Ahola) Log in to queue
PC-RenoiseSpacewurst by flag serpent (Touko Väre) l Locked
AMIGA-MODSmile by flag Mr. Suxx (Gyula Csordás) Log in to queue
PC (other)Rerohammer v2 by flag Vincenzo (László Gyula Vincze) Log in to queue
Overload by flag Byproduct (Juhana Honkanen) Log in to queue
PC (other)Kota Kakumi by flag Little Bitchard (Arto Koivisto) Log in to queue
Inner Mind by User NDi Log in to queue
In the 4th Dimension by User Kim Valori Log in to queue
PC-XMHiding in the Rainforest by flag Magnetic (Zsolt Bende) Log in to queue
Farting Synths by flag Aikapallo (Tuomas Virtanen) Log in to queue
PC (other)Yesterday's Journey by flag Signal (Juho Korhonen) Log in to queue

Production Notes:

Mixing by Vincenzo, jingle by tEiS, logo #34 by KF

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