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Exhale by User Resonance
Requested By: djrandom

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Song Information

PC-XM300 Days of the BOFH

Author: flag Cadaver (Lasse Öörni)

Uploaded By: flagElrinth

Song Length: 3:04
Release Year: 2000
Song Status: Active *
Song Bitrate: 128 kbps
Song Legacy Flag: R
Song Source: Oldskool
Song Platform: PlatformPC-XM

Additional Information:

"300 Days of the BOFH"
almost a jokesong in
the spirit of Manowar
by Cadaver 9/2000.

Thunder and lightning
in the server room,
the engineer now
declares the doom for
all who don't obey the
lusers' call

Backups be taken every
week, boot the NT 'cos
of memory leak, once
in a week it will fall

300 days of the BOFH,
fire and brimstone
300 days of the BOFH,
once again facing the
army of lusers alone

When the servers have
crashed hard the BOFHs
will never get far,
the leash of new age
on their belts

After 300 days of hell
one of the BOFHs must
bid farewell,
glorifying the pain he
has felt

When the packets flow
and the green lights
glow you won't know
they exist, but once
again shit comes down
like a divine fist

Greetings: Dominus
Einherjar Tuska Kuolo
Žlecmt Galahad Hakan
Arahwn Dragon Malekith
Ari Hybrido Amanojaku
Daoloth Skarf Razor
Assassin Ansgaros Dnd
+ rest of metalscene

This is maybe my first
metalmod where lyrics
are taken from real
life :-)

BOFH = Bastard
Operator From Hell

Last Queued : 3 days, 17 hours ago

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It was added 13 years, 7 months ago.

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User Comments

User Song Comment
double u[t][f];

Oh no!

sounds very Iron Maiden

Kuchen ! Wer ihn tadelt liegt falsch

what Mindless said

All I ever wanted was some Sunshine.

5d because Manowar is funny to begin with.

.еру .зкщпкфь .цшдд .ьфлу .нщг .рфззн


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