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SID (6581/8580)Knulla Kuk by flag Sophira
Requested By: flagfaraday

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Song Information

PC-ITChildren of the Rising Sun

Author: flag Cadaver (Lasse Öörni) , flag Malekith (Lionel Gendre)

Uploaded By: flagSpiral

Song Length: 13:19
Release Year: 2002
Song Status: Active *
Song Legacy Flag: R
Song Source: Musicdisk
Song Platform: PlatformPC-IT

Additional Information:

8.Children Of The Rising Sun (13:16)

"Gods of the Sky, I call your names
as the holy war would be lost if we failed
Hear all those cries all over the land
And please bestow on us the power to prevail!

For the dark lord is near,
our destiny is now clear:
we will face the fiends as the prophecies said,
and tomorrow, Algoth will be dead!"

Master of hell, we won't forget
your reign of terror destroying the land
Young blood was spilled, demons were sent
Children slain crying in their mothers' hands

Tyrannic reign - you made us fall,
your blade of black steel beheading the brave
But now we'll come, your head will roll!
In the town of Khera will stand your grave...

Legions of steel,
the day has come to raise your swords again
For the brave hearts who fell in the night
have not died in vain...

Gathering hidden in the frozen night,
the warriors have heard our call
Ready to ride where fires are burning bright,
into the camp of Algoth...

Lighting our steel, the moon begins to rise
as we start marching ahead
Soon our holy swords will shatter the skies
and the dark lord will be dead!

We're the Children of the Rising Sun,
holy defenders of divine light
For our brothers, our land,
we'll stop your deadly hand
and against your legions we will fight!

"They went away, fading from sight
Leading their men into the night
Inside their hearts was creeping fear
This time they knew their fate was near

And soon voices started to ring,
mighty warchants (and) agony screams
They charged into the crimson tide
And where shade reigned, they brought back light"

We will fight until the end!!!

Cutting and thrusting through the hellish flood,
we forced out our deadly path
Steel meeting steel in a flow of black blood,
outburst of fury and wrath

Trampling the bodies of those who were killed,
the demons are tasting our blades
The darkest prophecies are from now fulfilled,
the grand battle of Light and Shade...

We're the Children of the Rising Sun,
holy defenders of divine light
For our brothers, our land,
we'll stop your deadly hand
and against your legions we will fight!

- Epilogue -

Into this bloody night, with their swords in their hands
the Children led their men towards their destiny;
walking mighty and proud, honouring their legend,
they fought with burning rage, and won their liberty.

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Compilation Children of the Rising Sun


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These "Iron Maiden"-like songs get A for effort, but the English pronunciation is abysmal. And it annoys me that the emphasis is often wrong because otherwise it wouldn't fit the rhythm of the song.

double u[t][f];

Koekenbakker u need to listen to the "He-Man Sword" by Rhapsody... (Originally called: Emerald Sword)

( o Y o ) ლ(°◡°ლ)

Awesome composition, sounds like Rhapsody / Power Quest

Captain of Industry

Stick to music but for the sake of all that is good NEVER SING AGAIN.

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