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AMIGA-MODDelusion by flag Dan (Daniel Lulkowski)
Requested By: djrandom

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Song Information

Variform (vocoder rap remix)

Author: flag Little Bitchard (Arto Koivisto)

Song Length: 4:03
Release Year: 2005
Song Status: Active
Song Bitrate: 192 kbps
Song Source: Musicdisk

Additional Information:

Awww yeah let's kick this shit off, LB on the keys.. First and foremost, welcome to this fantastic music disk release! I'm sure I can speak for everyone who participated on this project by saying that I know you gonna d-d-d-d-dig this!! ;). We want to make a KEWL musicdisk shock to demoscenese megabrain! :DD .. So much for the short introduction, here are the lyrics for this remix:... ..

I got.. L B-B-B..
(I know what you're thinking punk)
(You gotta ask yourself a question)
Bastards coding back to back, fixing a mode for curly band pass function.
We have bass, we have experience,
we call you a bitch (oh la la).
No more coding back to back, no fixing a mode for curly band pass function.
Kewlers are back to present music for you and your bitches (yo yo yo)
(You gotta ask yourself a question, do i feel lucky? Well do you, punk?)
We are fixing your bitches, cue that ass to form you a bit more experience.
Call them bastards and wax that ass (I love your body)
Kewlers bang the bitches (Feel so good)
No more coding back to back, no fixing a mode for curly band pass function
We have BASS, we have experience.
We have the fix and your bitches (yo yo yo)
I know you gonna d-d-d-d-dig this
Please don't stop playing, please, that last selection was quite beautiful. May I inquire the name of it?

Enough with the lyrics and on to some random babbling, maybe a few words about the remix... I had the idea of trying to make new lyrics to the song by cutting up the existing ones and merging/mixing those clips to come up with new words. Since I knew it's going to be spoken word the only option music-wise was to go for something hip hop.. Thus I was set for the remix guidelines. After a _lot_ of fiddling around (chop chop chop) with the original speech samples I had a bit more than 50 words at my disposal: I wrote those down to pieces of paper and started swapping them around. After a _lot_ of fiddlind around (again! [:)] I had the lyrics for the song. 60% of the song done! ;). From that point on it was a smooth ride; a few hours of digging and tweaking some samples and loops, a few more laying them out on Acid 3.0 and I had the final structure. Then the usual mixdown routines a week or two later and the remix was bagged.. bla bla bla, what next.. hmm.. Hellos! Yes! Let's do a bit of them as well..: Big up to all kwl fangirls and fanboys, the remixers, the mfx posse and the spirit ruling from the middle of kewlieworld. Hellos in no particular order to Britelite, Dodke, Kraku, Sir Garbagetruck, Melwyn, Paniq, Basscadet, Matwei, Nystep, Jaffa, PS, Geel, Nrg, Slummy, Mazor, DDT, Kusma, Spiikki, Scamp, Break, Abho, Deck, Grue, Kb, Rm, Sauli, Jugi, Visualice, Blueflame, Reko, Leia (Luv!) and Paskabot (you suck!).. Can't think of anything more right now so I'll just end here :).. .. .. .. This scroller will now repeat .. .. .. ..

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Song Rating: 3.4 - Votes Placed: 41 View Voting History
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Compilation / Remix Information

This song is a remix of: PC (other)Variform Have video by flag Little Bitchard (Arto Koivisto) , flag Mel Funktion (Tomi Jäkälä) l Locked

This Song Is Listed In The Following Compilations:

Compilation Variform Remixed


Variform Remixed
Variform Remixed

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