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Tender agony by flag Genosha (Ganesh K. Viswanathan)
Requested By: djrandom

Time Left: 8:20

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Song Title Artist Song Length Status Vote Queue Last Request
PC-XMQ 1 was free once flag Rage (Harri Blom) 2:23 Active 3.0 l Locked 2024-06-14
q(n)=2k15 Have video flag hArDy (Stephan Hardt) GroupRed Sector Inc. [RSI] , GroupTriStar & Red Sector Inc. [TRSI] 5:16 Active 3.4 Log in to queue 2023-04-18
AMIGA-MODQ-ality flag DeLorean (Sakari Hannula) 3:54 Active 2.7 Log in to queue 2023-05-01
Game BoyQ-Bert Coily (Gameboy) flag Virt (Jake Kaufman) 1:07 Active 2.8 Log in to queue 2022-11-18
Game BoyQ-Bert Q!dina (Gameboy) flag Virt (Jake Kaufman) 1:46 Active 3.5 Log in to queue 2024-04-17
Game BoyQ-Bert Triplets (Gameboy) flag Virt (Jake Kaufman) 1:34 Active 4.0 Log in to queue 2023-11-16
AMIGA-MODQ-Bix flag Maak (Akira Shiozawa) 2:21 Active 3.3 l Locked 2024-06-03
Q-Lat3 Anthem flag Kiwi (Janne Kivilahti) 3:55 Rejected l Locked
PC-XMQ.E.D. flag Lug00ber (Ola Christian Gundelsby) 4:04 Active 3.6 Log in to queue 2024-04-07
Qaiser's Groove flag Xerxes (Klaus Lunde) 6:14 Active 3.2 Log in to queue 2024-04-27
PC (other)Qasar flag Mantronix (Martin Wall) 6:11 Active 4.1 Log in to queue 2024-02-12
AMIGA-customQB flag Kaktus (Anders Berkeman) , flag Mahoney (Pex Tufvesson) 1:32 Active 1.9 Log in to queue 2024-02-17
AMIGA-MODQED4 flag Jukebox (NO) (Preben Soot) 1:58 Active 3.7 Log in to queue 2024-05-21
NESQetzal flag Memblers GroupRetrocoders 1:56 Active 3.0 Log in to queue 2023-02-12
PSG AY-3-891x/YM2149 (CPC, ST, ZX)Qjeta's Hello flag Qjeta (Petr Krevnak) 1:55 Active 3.7 Log in to queue 2024-01-05
Qres Second Little Brother flag Stereoman (George Marinov) 3:59 Active 2.5 Log in to queue 2022-01-16
PC-ITQu'est-ce que je fous ici '2K review' flag Cyborg Jeff (Pierre Martin) 4:27 Inactive 1.5 l Locked 2015-05-22
AMIGA-customQuadlite Intro flag Mark II (Darius Zendeh) 3:03 Active 3.1 Log in to queue 2023-08-27
AMIGA-MODQuadra Channel flag Mellow-D (Jaakko Manninen) 5:19 Active 3.1 Log in to queue 2021-08-22
AMIGA-customQuadralien Have video flag David Whittaker 4:50 Moved 3.5 l Locked 2019-10-11
PSG AY-3-891x/YM2149 (CPC, ST, ZX)Quadralien - Title flag David Whittaker 4:39 Moved 3.8 l Locked 2019-10-31
AMIGA-MODQuadrangular Ball flag Uncle Ben (Andreas Jonsson) 4:01 Active 3.7 l Locked 2024-06-07
PC (other)Quadrant (subtune 6) - My Endless Silkroad flag Peacemaker 3:39 Active 4.0 Log in to queue 2024-02-15
AMIGA-MODQuadraspectrum flag Heatbeat (Aleksi Eeben) 0:33 Active 1.8 Log in to queue 2024-02-25
AMIGA-MODQuadrophenia flag Dan (Daniel Lulkowski) 4:51 Active 4.2 Log in to queue 2024-04-14
AMIGA-MODQuadrunner flag Mac (Ville Kiviranta) 2:29 Active 3.3 Log in to queue 2024-03-01
4K exeQuadtripophobia Have video flag Noby (Roope Mäkinen) 2:13 Active 2.1 Log in to queue 2024-05-25
PC (other)Quaint Have video flag Dan (Daniel Lulkowski) 3:37 Active 3.4 Log in to queue 2022-10-09
32K exeQuaint Love flag Curt Cool (Frank Emil Larsen) 3:54 Active 2.9 Log in to queue 2022-11-19
Quake flag Perrra (Marcus Persson) 1:22 Rejected l Locked

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