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Demoscene Holiday Card Exchange

Wood veneer holiday cards
The 3rd annual Demoscene card exchange is underway.

Assignments posted!

Visit the forums for the details or to leave a comment.

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Orders will go out within 5-7 days after placing them. Got order notes? Send Starchaser a PM.

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General » 3rd Annual Demoscene Card Exchange

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Author Thread
Laser cutter enthusiast

113 Posts
#1901 (1 month, 3 weeks ago)
Welcome to the third annual Demoscene Card Exchange!

Join us for an end of year event about sending and receiving cards or postcards with other people in the Demoscene. All you have to is sign up, wait to get your recipients, then get creative! No purchases required (except maybe stamps). The deadline to join is November 5th.

Sign up at

Read the rules and get more details at

If you're on Pouet, it's also over there:

NOTE: All card assignments are random. You do not get to pick who you send cards to or get cards from.


This has been running well for the past two years as a full Demoscene exchange with no major issues, so here we go again! Some people have sent Demoscrene postcards, water colors, papercraft, rendered covers, a whole bunch of stuff. So feel free to get creative, but even if you've got too much to do, sending a regular card or postcard from a store is perfectly fine.

If you do decide to post photos of what you get (some people like to see those), feel free to do so. If you post to a platform with hashtags, like Twitter, it would be nice to use #demoscenecardexchange so we can find them all. Don't forget to cover any personal information such as addresses before posting.

Like last year, there's still an opt-in feature that will automatically appear on January 9th PST allowing people to check who was assigned to them so they can work out who they should still be expecting if they haven't gotten all their cards yet.

New this year is a "last chance" exchange. This will automatically open when the deadline for the official exchange ends, and run for a week. However, I absolutely really truly encourage people to sign up by the deadline.

People I end up having to slot in after the deadline usually don't get the chance at many recipients, so hopefully this will fix that, and also give you good reason why you shouldn't miss the deadline!

Thanks again for participating!


Stats page for the nerds (so, like, all of us).

13 Posts
#1902 (1 month, 3 weeks ago)
Thank you so much !

It seems only few people asked for 49 cards !
symptomless coma

322 Posts
#1926 (1 month, 2 weeks ago)
I went for 3 cards. Thanks Star for doing the boring work
Laser cutter enthusiast

113 Posts
#1927 (1 month, 2 weeks ago)
@Mindiell, someone every year always goes for 49. It's 49 because I got the test wrong and set the limit to < 50 but don't care to fix it.

Nobody will ever get even close to 50 cards, even if we get the usual 48 participants as that's just how the assignments work out. I'd say at max people who ask for a lot will get maybe 12-15.

@mirrorbird, thanks for joining

13 Posts
#1928 (1 month, 1 week ago)
Still looking for a "good card idea"
Laser cutter enthusiast

113 Posts
#1935 (4 weeks ago)
Assignments posted! The official emails will go out in a few hours.

13 Posts
#1936 (3 weeks, 6 days ago)
Great job, as usual, thx for all of this flagStarchaser!
Nostalgic BBS Sysop - v2.0

16 Posts
#1937 (3 weeks, 6 days ago)
Cheers for making this happen, year after year.
It’s a highlight of the season!

13 Posts
#1940 (3 weeks, 4 days ago)
Got an idea ! Now, I have some more work to do !
Amiga&C64 rulez

231 Posts
#1941 (3 weeks, 1 day ago)
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