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Off-topic » Charles III, King Of The United Kingom

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Author Thread

290 Posts
#2031 (1 month ago)
When do you think he will move on/abdicate? Post your estimate. £5 for the winner.

I think 2033.
symptomless coma

339 Posts
#2032 (1 month ago)
I don't see him abdicating, and while I think the Royal Family is near-obsolete (they can't survive as modern trashy celebrities, but the younger ones will inevitably head that way), I don't think that's going to disappear any time soon, either. So: when will he die?

The Queen reached 96. Charles is 74. Old royals get great healthcare, eat well, and don't generally do anything very risky; but women outlive men. So let's say he'll last to about 88, or the year 2037.

When I receive my five pounds in 2037 I will probably spend them on a pat of butter, or sugar cube.

290 Posts
#2033 (1 month ago)
Well, I meant "move on" in the sense of "to the next world"... I suppose other worlds may be possible as well.

Also, did I write "2023"? Lol. I meant 2033.
Steadily at the low level

67 Posts
#2036 (4 weeks ago)
Singularity arrives from ChatGPT-7 in 2031 granting the life eternal for the humankind but Charles III will die in the year 2675 when Mintakan battlecruisers open the fire against the Royal Fleet during the period of astropolitical tensions called Dilithium crisis.
symptomless coma

339 Posts
#2037 (4 weeks ago)
Year 2098: Truck releases a demo
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