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PC (other)Morning at the Lake Have video by flag Subdream
Requested By: flagnyingen
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Song Information

WildKoodaus on Ihanaa

Author: User Unknown

Uploaded By: flagfranz_opa

Song Length: 2:45
Release Year: 1999
Song Status: Rejected *
Song Bitrate: 127 kbps
Song Legacy Flag: M
Song Source: Newschool
Song Platform: PlatformWild

Additional Information:

This song is a parody based on "Ihanaa leijonat ihanaa" which was a hit single during 1999 ice hockey world championships. The single featured TV's ice hockey commentator singing "fantastic lions, fantastic", referring to national hockey team.

lyrics translated:

Customers are present, consults are present, managers of corporation are present

Everything is in OK! (...not that we cared whether consultants are OK)

The project may begin! (Hmm.. okay... right)

Specs are there! Hellurei! (4x)
Everything is ok. Hellurei! (4x)

Specs are there - why aren't you coding?
(microsoft sound, oh, yes! oh, yes!)
Let's code now!

Fantastic! Fantastic programmers, fantastic! This is fantastic! (2x)
Everything is ok!

There's a code [error sound] - Why doesn't it work? Oh...

Hellurei! (4x, the struggle is tough, what an ugly looking monitor)

Yes! Everything is ok!

There's a bug - oh... - why don't you debug?

Hellurei! (2x), we're struggling badly, Hellurei!
Let's code now!

Fantastic! Fantastic programmers, fantastic! This is fantastic! (2x)


Even though it's a terrible hustle, that doesn't bother us


Fantastic! Fantastic programmers, fantastic! This is fantastic! (2x)


Yes! Everything's OK! There it is! (fanfare)

Everything is OK!

(telephone rings)
-We have this software
-So how does this actually work?


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