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symptomless coma

333 Posts
#1974 (2 months ago)
for those who are scared of a repeat of the arab wipe...
is it possible to obtain a download/dump of all the "shareable" nectarine material (nothing where there are special licensing agreements) and associated database.
in the name of open source and He-Man.
if not: why not, what is the specific policy and justification?
thank you.

18 Posts
#1978 (2 months ago)
plus one ? ;o)
symptomless coma

333 Posts
#1987 (1 month, 2 weeks ago)
oh well, I thought they deleted it, but actually nobody cared. even worse.

40 Posts
#1994 (1 month ago)
What have (not?) been deleted now?

Time ago I asked about the "download" link that some pages have (not to be confused with the play option), but IIRC it was considered staff only due to resposible linking (paraphrasing). No idea why so if used for pointing to, eg, old FTPs which have been publicly avaliable for decades. People have been interested in this or that song for a long time, as expressed in oneliner and comments, and probably more that did not care to leave a note anywhere. Which is probably what is happening here. How many drop by the forums?

I try to add links to other sites when I find them while re-uploading (over 300 songs now...), or sneak them in info field or as comment if not avaliable in "Add links". Also fix/add year field and tags to help identify songs, as I have used the avaliable ones to locate some songs. Even left some obscure commands to extract a handful songs from demos.

Speaking of, we need some extra link fields; top of my head: bandcamp, kwed and that project that recorded lots and lots of SIDs. And examples of what to paste in every case (number? full URL? path only?). Adding links to artist pages should be easier too. Which I hope would be easy to add to current site as is.

Related: while digging for old songs, I try to feed things into, still some gems in old forums with unrestricted attachments or plain html sites, but useless for those files in cloud-disks (you know which ones ).

273 Posts
#1995 (1 month ago)
I agree with you that download links should be handled differently. The userbase is so small now that aggressive "anti abuse" measures should probably be removed. Maybe in 2005, people were coming by and sneaking goatse into song download links, but I highly doubt anything like that would be happening these days. Furthermore, except in a handful of cases where the artist personally said "you can stream this but not offer it for download", I think all Necta tracks should be downloadable. Artists always have the option of telling us "remove the download link". Generally speaking, artists want people to hear and share their tracks.

As for extra link fields, could you please re-post that in another thread, with more detail? That at least can be done fairly easily.
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