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Nectarine Holiday Card Exchange

Recipients have been assigned!

Wood veneer holiday cards
The second annual card exchange is underway.

Visit the forums for the details or to leave a comment.

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Orders will go out within 5-7 days after placing them. Got order notes? Send Starchaser a PM.

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Masters of Pixel Art vol 3
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General » 2nd Nectarine Holiday Card Exchange

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Author Thread
Laser cutter enthusiast

67 Posts
#890 (1 month, 3 weeks ago)
Welcome to the second annual Nectarine Holiday Card Exchange!

To sign up, please fill out this form. The deadline to sign up is November 11th, after which you can't edit your info. You can choose how many cards you'd like to send and thus how many you'll receive. You can request not to send cards across the ocean. Only the people who have you as a recipient will be able to see your address.

You're welcome to participate regardless of which, if any, holidays you celebrate this time of year. You do not need to buy anything except postage as this is not a gift exchange. Feel free to make, print, or otherwise get creative with your cards but this is not a requirement; store bought cards are also fine.

Requirements and Rules:
  • You must send a card or postcard to every recipient you are assigned.
  • Your card (or envelope) must legibly include your Nectarine handle somewhere.
  • Excepting for extenuating circumstances, your cards should be mailed no later than during December.
  • Please be kind and civil. (No hate mail, offensive or demeaning letters, etc.)

If circumstances prevent you from being able to send all your cards, please let me know. Feel free to ask questions here or message me privately about anything else related to this exchange; I will get back to you as soon as I am able. If I find anyone willfully violated the above rules, they will be banned from any future exchanges.

Finally, it's not required, but I would like it if people posted pictures of the cards they received, along with the handle of the sender, to this thread. This lets people see what was sent and helps senders know theirs arrived. Don't forget to remove or cover any personal information in photos, such as addresses, before posting. If you want to hold off photographing until you've received all of your cards, please know international cards could arrive after Christmas or in January. Therefore it might be nice to at least post the handles of the senders for the cards you've received.


What do you mean by "holiday?"
"Holiday" here means officially recognized days of celebration such as Thanksgiving (US), Hanukkah, Christmas, Boxing Day, New Years, etc. You can join this exchange regardless of what you believe, celebrate, or don't. In any case, I'm just using it as an abbreviation of "October to January part of the year."

How much do I need to write in the card?
As much or as little as you like. It doesn't have to be terribly profound. However I would hope you will write more than just your handle.

What do people who have me as a recipient get to see?
The address you entered, name (if included), and Nectarine handle.

When do I get my list of recipients?
If you bookmarked your submission page or wrote down your entry number, please check back with the entry form site on or after November 13th. If you forgot to to do either of those things, contact Starchaser privately.

What will you do with all the data (addresses, etc.) after the card exchange is over?
Please read the full privacy policy on the entry form site.
Laser cutter enthusiast

67 Posts
#904 (4 weeks ago)
Please check your pages (that I hope you bookmarked) to get your assignments!

If you have trouble seeing your assignments, find incomplete addresses, or have other issues, let me know by PM as soon as is reasonable.
Laser cutter enthusiast

67 Posts
#905 (4 weeks ago)
If you forgot your entry ID or didn't bookmark your entry page, just visit the exchange site in the browser you used to sign up and it'll automatically show you to your assignments.
Amiga&C64 rulez

64 Posts
#909 (3 weeks, 4 days ago)
Laser cutter enthusiast

67 Posts
#919 (2 weeks, 1 day ago)
If you people who participated have feedback for next year, let me know so I can work on it. A few things I can think of:
  • Push notifications once assignments are made.
  • Checkboxes so people can note which cards they've done if they want.
Laser cutter enthusiast

67 Posts
#936 (1 day, 11 hours ago)
I got my first Nectarine card from Mystra.

Came with a nice set of stamps and some nice artwork, printed on the envelope too.
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